RepJesus Entertainment (RJE) is a conglomerate of young radical, sold out believers for Jesus Christ who believe that together they can impact a generation through their resources and talents.

As a non-profit organization, RepJesus Entertainment nurtures and develops skills and abilities of it's members and also help grow their brand through efftective management, financing, restructuring, counseling, and promotion.

RJE was formed by DJ JaySmoke, together with a group of Christians who strongly believed that Christians needed to joined forces inorder to effectively engage in this Spiritual warfare. The devil, has for decades, been using entertainment to target the youth exponentially and unfortunately, the Church is still caught up in it's acrhaic ways of evangelism, to realize that we are in a new dispensation and the youth are craving for the Gospels but through new age methods.

The mission was/is to attract young people to the message of the cross through entertainment. With proper management and financial support, RJE is reaching out to the youth through Hiphop, R&B, Poetry, Dancing, Comedy, Movies, Art and many more. We strongly believe that one of the enemy's stronghold is the entertainment industry and as young and radical believers, we ask...if he can use it, why can't we? As such we are determined to use these same media to preach the word of God, bringing the gospel to the youth through familiar and proven methods.

Some of the media RJE is using to reach out to the youth are;

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Events
  • Comedy
  • Dance

With these media, we can tailor made some products that will attract the youth. Currently we have managed to create several products that fall under our 5 fold ministry. From TV, Radio, Live Events, Online, we work with our team to develop Christ-centric products such as

  • OneMyke Session
  • JC Cafe
  • RepJesus Radio
  • RepJesus TV
  • The SALT Projects
  • and many more.

In the coming years, we also plan on producing new content to meet the needs of the youth. Products that will continually enhance their Christian walk and also attract others to join the family of believers.

One of the biggest medium used to engage the youth is music. We are not oblivious to this fact, that's why we added Artist Management to our 5 fold ministry. The kind of music you listen to is crucial for any serious Christian growth, and we believe that by managing some great talents, we would be able to contribute to the choices you make when looking for good music. If it were left to us, we would have every Urban Gospel artist signed to our Management, but a lot of unpredictability goes on in the entertainment industry, that's why we have to be intentional about who we work with. With that said, we do have our ears listening and eyes watching, so best be sure, when we see something great, we will definitely be approaching.

As a non-profit organisation, we can proudly boast that since inception, we have never charged anyone for any of our products. We believe that, freely we have been given this Gospel, it didn't cost us a thing, Jesus came, preached for free and died for us. Now that we have been commissioned, we also must preach this gospel for free and save souls. By the grace of God, we are where we are today because of our sacrifices and God has been faithful to us. There's so much we would like to do and our doors are always open to any philanthropist who feels the Lord tugging at your heart to be of a blessing to us.

RJE is here to stay and we have major plans for the future. If you believe in this vision and would like to be part of it, contact us and let's see what the Lord will do.