RJE is opened to anyone who has a gift and is willing to use it to spread the gospel and save souls. Kindly note that RJE Members are not only musicians, we are looking for talents in all areas of entertainment from Event Organizers, Sound Engineers, Video editors to cameraman, Presenters, Graphic Designers, Social Media Managers etc. So long as you have a passion to serve God in whatever capacity and you want to partner with us in doing that, our doors are open to you.
About RJE Members 
All members of RJE are people who have an absurd passion to see the spread of the Gospel especially amongst the youth and are ready and willing to go the extra mile to see this happen even without compensation. We don't believe in putting money before God and as such RJE members are encouraged not to charge to perform at events, sell their music, or when providing service etc. However, we do encourage those receiving these services to do well and provide some sort of honorariums as a token of appreciation for the work done. 
What we looking for 
RJE is a radical Christ-centric movement. This means that, passionate believers representing Jesus all day without compromise or excuses is what we are looking for. There's no age restriction but we prefer it if you to be above 21 years old, in University or working.
If you think you have what it takes to be a member and would like to join us, kindly read our terms & conditions below and fill out this form.
Terms & Condition
The following are the terms and conditions for RJE membership. Kindly read through and if you agree to these terms, kindly fill out the join us form and a team rep will get back to you.
  • Members must commit to all activities of RJE including meetings and events. Absence from any meeting or event will only be permitted under case by case basis.
  • Members must be disciplined both internally and externally.
  • Members will make a monthly contribution of their choice to fund activities of RJE.
  • Absence from meetings on three (3) consecutive counts without concrete reasons or approved permission will result in indefinite suspension of membership.
  • Members must complete all tasks or assignments within the agreed time frame.
  • Members must under no circumstances disclose internal information. Confidentiality is key.
  • No product, service or promotions should be launched without approval from RJE.
  • Only the board reserves the right to approve membership. All members of RJE must be approved by the board.
  • Only the board reserves the right to suspend or dismiss a member.
  • All members must share promotion materials on their social media platforms either as profile or cover images for the duration of the promotion.
  • Members should, but not compulsory, wear RJE T-shirts to all RJE events, interviews etc.

Failure to comply with the terms and conditions, will result in suspension and in other cases dismissal.