We living in difficult and uncertain times where it's becoming hard being a Christian. So many pressures from everywhere, TV, Radio, Friends, even Church and for many believers, to compromise on what they stand for or miss out on so much. When Elijah was afraid and wanted to quit, all it took was God to show him several other Prophets who were still fighting the good fight. 

We started SMS2Jesus as a way to create a database of Christians worldwide with hopes that anyone who needed some assurance, could easily access this database and receive encouragement. Using instagram and facebook as our main centres, we invite any Christian ain't ashamed of the Gospel to submit their picture and we add them to the database. All you need to do is tag SMS2Jesus or hashtag #sms2Jesus and we will take it from there.

In the near future, we plan to expand this into an app, where believers can login, add themselves to the database, share inspirational testimonies with each other, make new Godly friends or partners, study the word together and grow in Christ together.

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