It is said that music is the food for the soul, and for many people, this statement couldn’t be more relevant. From reggae, soul, to rhythm and blues and hip-hop, people are finding new meaning to the importance of music and the effects it has on the society.

Music is used to promote a product/society/lifestyle/community awareness/politics etc. JC (Jesus Christ) Cafe seeks to use music to promote Jesus. Our motto is ‘Taking the Gospel to the Streets’ and we believe that music is one of the most effective ways of sharing the gospel with the youth.

If we are to impact and inspire this generation, we have to use music this generation can relate to. Statistics have shown that Hip Hop/Afro Pop etc are well received amongst the youth, and our radio stations are constantly bombarding them with these kind of music but unfortunately there's very very little Urban Gospel Hiphop or AfroPop being played on these stations. To get these radio stations to play Urban Gospel, the only way is to have our very own show on these stations. Hence why JC Cafe was birthed. 

JC Cafe is a 2hr radio show designed to deliver quality Urban Gospel music to the Ghanaian, locally on radio and to ourInternational audience via our online podcast system.

JC Cafe focuses on delivering the gospel of Jesus Christ to the youth through urban, hip, funky and inspiring sounds.

With one of the largest database of Urban Gospel music across the globe, there's definitely something for every listener.

Currently JC Cafe is on hold, as we wait on God for sponsors to host us on a radio station.